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Boudoir Photographer Bucks County

Boudoir Photo Sessions


What do I need to wear?

The easy answer is anything that makes you feel sexy. Some common items are....sexy bra and underwear with robe, large gentleman's dress shirt and tie with sexy underwear, comfy off the shoulder sweater, or your birthday suit. I want you to be comfortable, so there are no strict rules here. And no...you do not need to be naked to take a sexy photo.

What if I hate my stomach/butt/legs/thighs...you get the picture.

Then we won't focus on that. We'll focus on what you love. Or better yet - let me decide how to pose you regardless of what body feature is prominent. You may be surprised by the results. And if you don't like the picture, don't buy it!

Where does the session take place?

We can use my studio at 437 West Bridge Street, a local bed and breakfast, or even your living room (your significant other will never look at that couch the same way again). The real question is, where do you want to have your picture taken?

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! You can bring someone to be photographed with you. In fact, we encourage you to do so by including it in the full session package. You can take turns with your friend to see who has the best smoldering eyes. Or bring them along just to cheer you on. Interested in having your significant other jump in a few photos at the end of your session? We can do that too.

I highly encourage you to go with whatever scenario makes you feel most at ease.

Do we drink champagne during my session?

You are welcome to bring a beverage and snack of your choice. Let me know in advance and I'll be sure to provide some glasses and ice to keep it cold.

How do I receive my images?

Your images are retouched in time for your in-person, or web conference reveal session. Bring your wallet and be ready to order what you want at the time of your meeting. Not ready to order? We'll keep your photos for up to 1 year in an archive in case you change your mind.

There is absolutely no requirement to purchase any images. My job is to supply you with photos you love. What you like you buy.

What are the Velvet Box print packages?

A gorgeous 5x7 velvet box that contains your prints in a beautiful, yet private display. You will get the opportunity to view and touch it at your session.