Quote of the Week – 10/31

So my quotes of the week have not been weekly. Can we say “over-optimistic”?! I’m still not giving up.

Today is the spookiest day of the year, and yet there’s a bit of magic in the air.

This past year has been an odd mix of struggle and re-awakening of the soul. I’ve had days where I’ve struggled to get out of bed and face all the “stuff” going on. And then there’s days that I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude to be creating. I feel like the creation level has quadrupled. Maybe its because I’m creating for me and not for others and their vision. Maybe something has awoken in me because I’m finally listening to that inner voice. Whatever the reason…I’m extremely grateful.

With all that in mind…may your own witchy magic come alive today!

There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.

– Mary Shelley, “Frankenstein”

Quote of the week – 11/7

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Viktor Frankl

Fall is the season of change. Almost a renewal unto itself. The leaves…ourselves. I feel like Fall is the time to look inwards. Shed our unnecessary outward burdens. Shed our own leaves.

With all of the turmoil outside, I believe it’s even more important to focus on what we can control. Fall doesn’t need to be a time of decay and loss. It can be a time of freedom and comfort. Cozy sweaters and the big debate over Pumpkin Spice everything.

What will Fall bring? Will this be a year of focusing on family and connection? For my own family 2020 has been a blessing and a curse. We struggle to find a happy balance in the amount of time we spend together. My kids have learned the value of asking for alone time. There’s no end in site to this pandemic and it would be easy to fall into despair. But I have learned to focus on the change I can make for myself and focus less on the frustration of necessary evils like homeschooling.

Is it too early to focus on the New Year? Or perhaps I’ll just change into some sweats and grab a bottle of wine…

What change will you focus on?

Family Film Series

One of my new favorite ways to celebrate families and freeze time is through family film. This is a special one for anyone looking to capture a moment in a way you can watch over and over.

What’s Included

  • A custom 3-4 minute film just for your family
  • Indie music licensed for your film
  • 5-10 photos in a digital gallery
  • Pre-session planning questionnaire and phone call
  • 3-4 hour film/photo session at your home and/or location of your choosing

The Process

Step #1 – Pay your session fee and schedule your pre-session phone call and photo/session date.

Step #2 A few weeks before your session – Fill out your questionnaire and go over it with me in your planning call.

Step #3 Film/Photo Day – enjoy some leisure activities with your family as I become that extra family member that just happens to have a camera. Your session takes place rain or shine as we can film inside or outside.

Step #4 Enjoy your digital gallery and film about 3-4 weeks after your session.


For a limited time, these sessions are available for $900 – offer is for first 5 families to book. (Regularly $1500)


What activities should we do?

What activities do you enjoy as a family? It can be cooking or baking, playing cards, snuggling on the couch, playing ball in the street, walking in the park…the possibilities are endless.

What if the kids aren’t behaving?

Stay calm and let it pass. With 3-4 hours of filming, there’s room for a tantrum or two. I have kids too. Just focus on the activities and don’t worry if someone doesn’t want to be involved the whole time.

What time of day does the filming happen?

That completely depends on what time of day is best for your family. Plan to set the entire day aside while booking and we’ll make the choice as to morning or afternoon when we get to the pre-session planning call.

How far will you travel?

Travel within 30 minutes of zip code 19030 is included in the standard session fee. If additional travel is involved let me know and I will quote you the additional travel fee.

What Covid safety measures are you taking?

I will not touch you or your family during the session. I keep my distance as much as possible. I also wear a mask the entire time I am in your presence. I also get tested on a routine basis to ensure safety for my family as well as yours.

Do you do events?

Events are a different type of filming procedure and therefore have a different pricing structure. Email me at contact@brookestraiton.com with your event details if you would like an event highlight film quote.

How do I book?

Click Here to schedule a free consultation and ask any additional questions you may still have. Let me know in the “additional info for our call” box if you are aiming for a specific filming date.

You can also reach out via email directly at contact@brookestraiton.com or call/text to 267-391-0079.

Quote of the week – 9/8

Yesterday was Labor Day. Typically I look forward to holidays. Forced relaxation. Time home with the family. I didn’t even know if was a holiday. The days blend so much anymore. I rely on the dashboard of my car or phone screen to tell me the date and day of the week.

Today starts cyber school for us. Lincoln is in Kindergarten and David is starting 4th grade. This was not how I pictured it. It was supposed to be crying because my baby was headed off to big boy school. Instead, the planner in me is crying from a lack of knowledge on how this week/month will go. I’m trying to let go of what I cannot control. And apparently I need to let go of this entire school year and just go with the flow. Yuck.

In honor of letting go of these uncontrollable moments, here is the quote I would like to share with you…

Quote of the week

May we all survive the rest of 2020, and learn to let go when needed.

Tune in next week for a new quote!


20 Reasons to get your professional portrait taken by Brooke Straiton Photography

We all need self-love.

I have been where you are and it’s not enough.

The way someone else sees you is usually less critical than how you see yourself.

You don’t splurge on yourself enough.

You are not as (fill in the blank) as you think.

You should have at least one photo of yourself that captures who you truly are.

Tomorrow is never promised.

You are more than just a mom/sister/aunt…

You haven’t been professionally photographed in so long.

A beautiful photo is powerful.

You’ll never be more “perfect” than you are today.

Confidence is beautiful.

Confidence comes from self-love.

Self-love makes you stronger.

You should remember this moment tomorrow…and next year…and ten years from now.

Selfies with filters are not enough.

Because it’s something simply about you.

Because you don’t suck.

You deserve it.

Others will follow your example.

If you identify with any or all of these, contact me today for your consultation and let’s design a session just for you.

Studio: 267-583-3710 | contact@brookestraiton.com

If you identify with any or all of these, contact me today for your consultation and let’s design a session just for you.

The Best Plan/Planner for 2020

As I look towards 2020, I wanted to share a tool that I recently found that truly excites me. I love planning things, but I have always had fantastic ideas and plans. Big goals to achieve and the willingness to jump into the mix and make it happen. BUT my follow through is atrocious.

I’m a tactile kind of girl. I want to write it all down and look at it again and again. That’s where this new planner comes in.

Passion planner is a neat little planner that helps you to break down your goals for the year/month/week. It keeps you on track with your long term goals and how to stay on track through the year with those end results in mind. You can customize the heck out of it. And the BEST part. Maybe you are a little tight on cash… They have the option to download the PDF and print it for yourself! Seriously, no excuses.

My goals this year:

  • 5 personal projects. Did you read about my first project? 20 Women in 2020
  • Prioritize taking care of myself a little more
  • Lose weight/get healthy
  • Make more money!
  • Do one creative/inspirational outing each month to stay inspired

What are your goals for 2020 and how do you plan to achieve them?