20 Women in 2020 Project and Event

How the “20 Women in 2020” Project Came to Be…

You may or may not have witnessed my public meltdown on FaceBook Live. It wasn’t my proudest moment. Rather than have you dig through my videos to find it, I’ll summarize it for you…

I felt stuck. I felt ugly. I felt unloved. And I felt alone.

What I learned from that experience is…I was anything but alone. Too often women try to live up to that superhero image of being the perfect mix of career woman and caretaker. We rush off with our children from activity to activity, trying to ensure they have full and enriched lives. We struggle to connect with our significant other because day to day pressure has each of us just trying to keep our heads above water. And then we look at social media. The happy faces of other families making us feel like somehow we are lacking. Somehow we are not doing enough. Which translates into “you are not enough”.

And even with the popularity of books like “Girl, Wash Your Face”, “You are a Badass” and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, I feel like we are still trying to tackle all of our self-doubt on our own, in some metaphorical dark closet of shame. How dare we not be okay with ourselves! How dare we not get over this! How dare we stray from attitudes of gratitude and positivity! But we do. We have weakness…and that’s totally okay. You are allowed to cry in public. Big, ugly sobbing.

But then…you need to move on. Because the end goal is truly to be okay with yourself. The end goal is to get over the expectations that you have to be perfect. We ALL have something we hate about our bodies, our lives, our spouses…because no one is perfect. And that is totally fine!

So then what?

Then you learn to celebrate who you are. Celebrate the fact that you have scars on your body from giving birth to your child. Celebrate the weight loss that took years instead of months. Celebrate that you are okay with your curves because you know how to rock them. Celebrate your independence from your ex. Celebrate your friendships with other women that truly get you. Celebrate that you are AMAZING just the way you are.

That’s what this event is about. That’s why we NEED to come together to celebrate each other and our stories and our lives.

The Details of the Photo Reveal and Event

This blog will be updated with more information as details are finalized.

We are hard at work nailing down a venue and date for the celebration. The event will take place sometime at the end of March 2020. Right now we are focused on the photoshoot portion.

Brooke Straiton Photography is casting 20 amazing women with stories to tell to take part in this photography art show and celebration event. Each women will get a complimentary photo session with professional makeup and hair. One photo from each session will be revealed at the final event as an Art Show style event. You must be willing to have your image and story shared with others…that’s kind of the point here. We’re letting others know that they are not alone!

To apply for one of the 20 spots, fill out this questionnaire:


Finalists will be contacted on an ongoing basis through December and January.

We will also be looking for sponsors and vendors to help fund the event costs.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or a vendor for our celebration event, please email a short description of your company to contact@brookestraiton.com. Due to venue restrictions, we will only be offering spots to vendors that are directly related to “Ladies Night” theme.

If you’d like to stay informed of updates to this event or others with Brooke Straiton Photography, make sure you sign up for our snail mail and email list by filling in the form below. Sometimes we like to send goodies in the mail.


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