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This page is directed at small business marketing photography needs. For commercial photography, please contact me directly.

Marketing Photography for Your Business

I provide a custom photo session and quote to suit your business needs.

The Free Consultation

We start off with a free consultation to discuss your business photography needs.

Topics we will cover

  • How you will be using the photos
  • How many photos you need
  • Your shot wishlist - all the different photos you hope to have delivered at the end of the project
  • Your brand colors and competitor colors
  • Location needs - outdoor or indoor, on site, in studio
  • Timing requirements - how quickly do you need the final images delivered


Will we be working onsite at your business, require location scouting for a specific type of location, or require studio space?

I can bring my equipment to your office, home or even a local city street to give you the branded look you are going for.

If we need to rent a space to accommodate the session, I can scout out locations and add any permit or rental fees into your quote.

For offsite locations, I typically scout the area in advance and provide snapshots of the space if you want to collaborate on planning.

Types of marketing photography

Here is a current list of the types of marketing photography I am experienced in.

Environmental portraits - portraits of employees at work, or artfully lit portraits of executives as if they were on the cover of a magazine

Product photography - from simple ecommerce white background style photos, to more elaborate setups with props and stylized lighting, or even on location product photos of your item in store or in use.

Drone photos of your business location - aerial photos or short video clips

Event photography - cover your live events with beautiful candid photos to use in your marketing throughout the year