Contemporary Portraits

A contemporary portrait is a modern day portrait that is meant to last throughout the years.

Why should someone get a portrait?

You can get a portrait to celebrate a special time in your life. Graduation from high school or college. Celebrate being a mother, or grandmother. But my personal answer is a bit more morbid.

Ask yourself, what if you die tomorrow? What picture will be shown? A selfie with a snapchat filter. Do you have anything more recent than your graduation picture? Do you just have family photos? What about just you - No kids or husband. Maybe the best you have is from a recent wedding you attended. You could always crop out the other person...

How do you want people to remember you? And why wait to celebrate who you are right now? Don't wait.

Are you camera shy because you think you're not photogenic?

I've lost count of the numbers of people that say they are not photogenic. Unless you are a professional model or celebrity and used to being in front of the camera, you are just untrained in how to pose yourself. That's normal!

BUT...if you have a trained photographer that knows how to pose you, you don't have to worry about that. I'm here to twist you like a pretzel until you look amazing. Seriously...I'm here to guide you in how to stand and angle yourself to look amazing in your portraits.

But professional pictures are expensive...

That is absolutely true. They are an investment. They are something that takes time, planning, care and experience.

But they last more than a lifetime. They last longer than your car. Longer than your house. Longer than you. They can be passed on for generations. Think about that. They can be passed down for generations.

Have you ever found a photo of one of your ancestors? Think about how that made you feel. Think about your children will say when they see your photo. Your grandchildren. Your great-grandchildren.

Portraits are your legacy. You get to live on.